Phil McGrew & Peggy Deare

Hometown: Wilmington, DE

PixelWorks is the combination of the creative duo consisting of Peggy Deare and Phil McGrew. They met at an owl’s nest years ago and have been embarking upon photography adventures since. While their passion is wildlife photography, they never turn down a good landscape, eclipse, or nighttime opportunity. When the summer heat limits wildlife viewing, they travel to military airshows. On occasion, their families will force them to take pictures of people.


They have traveled from Northern Canada to Chile, and Yosemite to Maine. The list of future trips is too long to mention. Their photography has been featured on NBC News, CBS News, CNN, Stephen Colbert, and the Weather Channel. Print photos have appeared on book covers, college courses, The New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Daily Mail, and various papers in between.


Photography offers them a fun excuse to research, plan, learn, and travel. When they are not on photography trips, they relax by thinking about photography trips or by forcing their families to hear fun facts about birds.




Art at ESLC

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