Marina Myhre

Vivid Hues Nature Photography


Inspired by nature’s beauty, tenacity, and persistence. Motivated to capture, share, and preserve these fleeting moments. Passionate about my pursuit of the perfect photograph of a bird in flight or catching a huge fish. Enthralled by the grace and almost prehistoric nature of Great Blue Heron, Great and Snowy Egrets, and raptors, and the beauty of the Eastern Shore. I have always been interested in and pursued photography but became obsessed with taking photos of flowers during the pandemic on longs walks with my dog in the Nation’s Capital. Once my beloved dog Leo was diagnosed with chronic leukemia, capturing beauty of flowers became a refuge for me. As we spent a lot of our summer on Tilghman Island at a vacation rental that we love in 2021 and 2022, I fell in love with the osprey, Great Blue Heron, and Great and Snowy Egrets that flew overhead. I launched my business in April 2022 and sold my first photographs and canvas prints in September 2022, almost one month after I lost Leo. He taught me not to make decisions based on fear so I have forged ahead with a photograph of him by my side.




Art at ESLC

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